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SSO helps you increase productivity while making things simpler for employees. In today’s complex business environment, you likely have to access up to a dozen different applications on a daily basis — Office 365, Salesforce, Slack, Workday, and more. SSO makes it easy to manage multiple sets of credentials, to avoid unsafe password management strategies and clunky user experience. Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a solution — improving both security and productivity.

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What is Single Sign-On?

“As a customer, I want to make security easy for my employees.” Single Sign-On gives each of your user one unified digital identity – they just sign in once and get seamless access to all their applications without having to sign in to each one individually. SSO solutions also include password reset self-service capabilities, so users can reset lost credentials on their own without opening a help desk ticket. You can even set guidelines encouraging users to create strong passwords and send periodic messages reminding them to rotate their passwords.

Our Single Sign-On Services

Our Single Sign On Services

  • We assess your needs and select the best SSO products to fit those needs
  • We design and implement the SSO solution
  • We integrate all your applications, including legacy and custom apps as well as those hosted on-premises and in the cloud
  • We provide ongoing managed services for your SSO solution

Our Single Sign On Implementation

  • How your IT infrastructure is organized (e.g., On-premises, Cloud, Hybrid)
  • The applications you need to integrate, and the SSO implementation protocols your applications support (e.g., SAML, WS Federation, and OpenID Connect)
  • The identity provider & directory services you use

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