"I don’t want to lie awake at night worrying." We offer 24/7 security managed services that outperform in-house teams at a fraction of the cost.

Managed Services: Benefits & Outcomes

Team Assignment

“As a customer, I want specialists managing my security solutions, while keeping the costs down.” While most in-house employees are generalists, we assign individual product specialists to your management team. For example, if you just migrated to Okta, we have an Okta specialist assigned to your team. This ensures maximum security, faster response to threats, and a better client experience.

24/7 Monitoring and Response

“As a customer, I don’t want the burden of hiring an expensive employee and constantly training them.” As your MSSP, Sennovate costs only about 15-20% of the total cost associated with hiring full-time employees. Plus, our expert team works around the clock, not just during regular business hours. This ensures huge cost savings while delivering a more secure solution.

Upgrades and Maintenance

“As a customer, I want the newest solutions, while maximizing all the features I pay for.” We upgrade and maintain your security solutions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This ensures your security is up-to-date, maximizing compatibility, and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

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