The MSSP guide to Sailpoint products

The MSSP Guide to SailPoint Products

The way we do business is changing. The mix of technologies at our fingertips is now more diverse than ever, with different applications, platforms, datasets, and cloud services arising at an unprecedented pace. In today’s new world, you can’t do business without technology, and you can’t use technology without identity security.


Providing your workforce with fast, secure access to critical resources has never been more important. Their unique identities are at the heart of security for your business. And while identity security can sound complex, it doesn’t have to be. Now it’s possible to enable access and protect business everywhere with SailPoint. It is all about identity security for the cloud enterprise. With Sennovate providing seamless implementation of SailPoint, you secure your organization in terms of identity security for the cloud enterprise.


What does SailPoint do for you?

  • Sailpoint helps drive your business forward with the unmatched visibility, automation, and acceleration of access it needs for all identities, entitlements, systems, data, and cloud services. Sailpoint helps automate access and govern in real-time with AI-enhanced visibility and controls.
  • It also allows you to manage millions of digital identities while spotting and stopping risk in its tracks.

How SailPoint Products and Services can help secure your organization?

  • SailPoint is a governance-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) software solution that delivers a unified approach for visibility into ‘who has access to what’ in critical business data.
  • It can help data (Password/Access Management) for applications running in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Sailpoint helps large organizations with complex IAM processes to tailor their solution to align with their unique business needs. 

The different variations of the product include:


An identity governance solution that allows enterprises the control and visibility over user access and streamlines the complex process

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager:

Integrates access certification, activity monitoring capabilities, and policy enforcement by automating the auditing, reporting, and management activities.

IdentityIQ Role Manager:

Helps organizations to create, enforce, and verify role-based access in enterprise applications. 

Sailpoint also provides a wide variety of services like:

  • Access certification and Insights:
    • Access certification automates user access reviews and reporting, making it easy for your business team to manage approvals and keep your auditors happy.
    • Access Insights makes it easy to turn large amounts of identity data into actionable insights.
  • Access Requests and Modelling:
    • SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM provides AI recommendations to help respond to access requests, giving users control and freeing your IT team to work on more strategic projects.
    • Access Modelling utilizes patented machine learning to suggest roles based on similar access between users and gives you insights to continually model and adapt access to support the scale and dynamic nature of changing identities.


SailPoint platform uses peer group analysis, identity attributes, and access activity to help you decide what access should be requested, approved, or removed — making your job easier and more effective.


Cloud Access Management:

Allows you to get complete visibility and control across your cloud infrastructure and workloads, detect potential anomalies, and better enforce access policies across all users.


File Access Manager:

File Access Manager provides the visibility and control you need to confidently protect your organization’s most important data assets.


Password Management:

SailPoint Password Management is an intuitive cloud-based solution that enhances security while increasing productivity.



Provisioning user access is easy and secure. It helps you avoid excess permissions by automatically adjusting and removing user access as change happens, helping reduce risk while improving your compliance and productivity.



Reduce potential malicious behavior for high-risk and sensitive tasks. With SailPoint Predictive Identity , just set up the policies, and we’ll take care of the rest.


To understand how much your organization could save by implementing SailPoint, head to ‘Identity Value Calculator’. Here you can enter the number of users in your organization and the average number of applications used to estimate how much money could be saved annually in terms of ‘Access Provisioning’, ‘Access Requests’, ‘Password Requests’ and ‘Access Certifications’. 


SailPoint Identity Security is your foundation for digital transformation. As technology continues to bring more users, applications, and data together, these connections also bring more vulnerability. Identity security is the easiest way to implement your digital transformation faster and reduce risk. Coupled with Sennovate’s implementation of SailPoint, we take over all the security-related solutions while you can worry about increasing profits and growing your organization without danger.

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