Mitigating the cyber security risk with SIEM and SOC

Securing sensitive information is the top priority and organizations are investing in the best approaches to reduce breaches. One of the best ways to minimize cyber security threats is through implementing SOC/SIEM in your network. With cyber attacks evolving rapidly, SOC focuses on the best approach to tackle these threats.

  • SOC as a service
  • Core components of SOC/SIEM?
  • How SOC helps to stop or mitigate Ransomware attacks
  • Best approach to deploy and mature SOC services
  • How to choose the right SOC vendor for your organization


Senthil Palaniappan

Founder and CEO

Senthil Palaniappan is the Founder and CEO of Sennovate, a global Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that specializes in Identity and Access Management (IAM). He has over 25 years of industry experience and is an expert in IAM, SOC, Application Infrastructure, and Integration. He has years of experience consulting with various top Fortune companies including Sun microsystem, Oracle, IBM, EMC, Dell, GM, and Sprint. Senthil completed his MBA from Keller School of Management in Chicago.