Galvanizing Cyber Security In Healthcare And Fin-tech Industries To Avoid Data Breaches

Cybersecurity is a priority in any tech-related service. So how can it be any different for FinTech and Healthcare where security is of the paramount concern! In this episode of Secure Insights, Alissa Knight offers some effective measures on what kind of technologies these industries or any industry can use to keep their data safe. Or in Alissa’s own words, “Data is more valuable than oil!”

  • How to effectively protect data from breaches.
  • Why healthcare systems are targeted.
  • Zero trust Vs Trust by verify

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Alissa Valentina Knight

Cybersecurity Influencer | Content Creator | Hacker | Published Author | Industry Analyst

A market analyst focusing on research into cybersecurity issues. She has more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and recognized as having published the first advisory on hacking VPN appliances in 2000.


Sowmiya Rajamanikam

Software Developer

Sowmiya is a Software Developer in Sennovate. She is passionate about writing technical articles and building applications from scratch. With a great zeal to learn, she conducts podcast interviews with industry leaders in the IT space.