Digital Identities, Security Budgets, And Zero Trust

Digital Identities, Budgets, Zero Trust – Aren’t these three the talk of any security industry? Secure Insights is here to provide its insights on this too!

Mark A Houpt, Chief Information Security Officer at Databank, with more than 25 years of experience in this field, talks about these important topics. You can expect in this podcast,

  • Managing critical functionalities and budget
  • Digital Identities for citizens
  • Can data breach be controlled by AI and ML?
  • Zero Trust

Listen to this podcast to learn more!


Mark A. Houpt

Chief Information Security Officer

As Chief Information Security Officer of DataBank, Mark brings over 25 years of extensive information security and information technology experience in a wide range of industries and institutions.


Sowmiya Rajamanikam

Software Developer

Sowmiya is a Software Developer in Sennovate. She is passionate about writing technical articles and building applications from scratch. With a great zeal to learn, she conducts podcast interviews with industry leaders in the IT space.