Cybersecurity will never end, it’s always a new beginning

We can’t deny the fact that 2020 tested us beyond the measure due to the pandemic. But did you know that 2020 was also one of the worst years in the history of ransomware? In this episode of Secure Insights, Sennovate’s very own CEO Senthil Palaniappan sheds light on how we can together ensure that 2021 doesn’t join the list. He also answers some mind-rattling questions including:

  • Can we put an end to Data Breaches?
  • Is Cyber-security as a career prospect dying?

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Senthil Palaniappan

Founder & CEO

Senthil Palaniappan is the Founder and CEO of Sennovate, a global Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that specializes in Identity and Access Management (IAM). He has over 25 years of industry experience and is an expert in IAM, SOC, Application Infrastructure, and Integration. He has years of experience consulting with various top Fortune companies including Sun microsystem, Oracle, IBM, EMC, Dell, GM, and Sprint. Senthil completed his MBA from Keller School of Management in Chicago.


Akshay Kamalapuram Sridhar

Software Engineering & Digital Marketing Intern

Akshay Kamalapuram Sridhar is a Software Engineering & Digital Marketing Intern at Sennovate. He is a Junior majoring in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. Akshay works as a Podcaster, Back End Developer, and Content/Blog Writer for Sennovate. He also contributes to Communications, Outreach, and Social Media Marketing.