Cyber Insurance with Jim Rutt

Cyber Insurance: Everything You Need To Know with Jim Rutt, CIO of Dana Foundation

This episode is all about Cyber Insurance and how you can use it to protect your businesses from cyber-attacks. Hear all about Cyber Insurance from Jim Rutt, the Chief Information Officer of Dana Foundation, an IT Strategist, and a leader with expertise in developing complex IT solutions.

Key Discussion Points:

✅ Who needs Cyber Insurance?
✅ Benefits of Cyber Insurance
✅ Choosing the right Cyber Insurance Partner

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Jim Rutt

Chief Information Officer at Dana Foundation

An accomplished IT Strategist but also a Leader with expertise in implementing complex IT solutions to enhance overall business operations for organizations nationwide. Jim Rutt is the Chief Information Officer of Dana Foundation and an advisor to more than 15 companies because of his ability to swiftly adapt and leverage new technologies.


Jeanie Jessica

Sales and Marketing Executive

Jeanie Jessica is a Sales and Marketing Executive at Sennovate. Jeanie contributes to sales, communications, Outreach, and is a podcast and webinar host at Sennovate.