What is Identity and Access Management

Zero to Pro: Identity & Access Management in 30 Days!

Become a Pro and learn the fundamentals of Identity and Access management with this e-book that helps your learn all about IAM in bite-sized content that you can read daily and learn all things IAM.

The e-book discusses everything related to Identity and Access Management (IAM) and tries to make it easy for everyone.

Here are the table of contents:

Day 1: Introduction to IAM
Day 2: Why do you need IAM Solutions
Day 3: CIAM and Open-source IAM Solutions
Day 4: Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Day 5: Zero Trust Architecture
Day 6: All about Single Sign-On
Day 7: Understand the importance of IGA
Day 8: Understand the basics of Cyber Insurance
Day 9: Automating IAM (Part I)
Day 10: IAM tips for Enterprises
Day 11: Open-source IAM Myths
Day 12: The Log4Shell Vulnerability
Day 13: Automating IAM (Part II)
Day 14: How to choose the right MSSP?
Day 15: Why do you need an MSSP?
Day 16: A beginner’s guide to PAM
Day 17: Best open-source SSO solutions
Day 18: The state of cybercrime in the cloud
Day 19: Embracing open-source IAM solutions
Day 20: How IAM helps avoid data breaches
Day 21: How to get started with IAM for your organization
Day 22: Identity Security Problems in SMEs
Day 23: AWS Identity and Access Management
Day 24: The need for password-less authentication
Day 25: The evolution of CIAM 2.0
Day 26: Advancement of IAM and Data Security over the years
Day 27: Effects of human behavior on Cyber Security
Day 28: Least Privilege Access
Day 29: Tips for enterprises implementing remote workforce solutions
Day 30: Why you need an MSSP like Sennovate in 2022