Wait! Where is everyone? Security in the Time of the Remote Workforce

In this webinar, Identity and Access Management (IAM) experts from Sennovate and Idaptive will address the role IAM and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), in particular, can play in both enabling and securing the remote workforce. Adaptive MFA, based on the oh-so-important principles of Zero Trust—“never trust, always verify”—holds the keys to dramatically reducing risk and improving compliance, no matter where an organization’s employees are in the world. Best of all, adaptive MFA improves user productivity and happiness, while reducing IT and helpdesk overhead.

Attendees will gain an understanding of: the new or increased threats caused by the surge in remote workers; the critical role that IAM and adaptive MFA can play in filling any security gaps that may still exist across a far-flung labor force; and the benefits of adaptive MFA, including improved user productivity and job satisfaction, and reduced IT and helpdesk burden.


Vishnu Varma

Vishnu Varma, Sr. Director, Product Management

Vishnu has spent the last 18+ years developing, designing and bringing to market Security, Management and Orchestration software addressing various security use cases at all layers of the stack. At Idaptive, he is responsible for bringing to market intelligent MFA and IAM solutions leveraging machine learning and identity analytics. Prior to Idaptive, Vishnu spent many years securing applications and networks at F5 Networks and Cisco Systems. Vishnu has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a MS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.