The Privacy Advisor Podcast: How should we prevent data breaches?


Featuring ‘The Data Diva’ – Debbie Reynolds explaining the Data Privacy Issue

In this podcast, Data Diva – Debbie Reynolds shares her insights on the most important issue, Data privacy. She is the founder of Debbie Reynolds Consulting and is in the advisory boards to many Fortune 500 Companies for handling data privacy and cyber data breach planning. Debbie is an internationally published author and speaker about global data privacy and legal technology. Here, she shares her thoughts on  

  • The widespread data privacy issues
  • How well a cyber-attackcan be prevented with this quarantine 
  • Impact of CCPA in the business world
  • The efficacy of a Data Protection Officerin an organization 

Listen along to hear the best practices to be more complaint and prevent data breaches.


Speaker: Debbie Reynolds

Speaker: Debbie Reynolds

Global Data Privacy & Protection Expert

Debbie Reynolds is an internationally published author, highly sought speaker, and top media presence about global data privacy, data protection and legal technology issues.


Sowmiya Rajamanikam

Sowmiya Rajamanikam

Software Developer

Sowmiya is a Software Developer in Sennovate. She is passionate about writing technical articles and building applications from scratch. With a great zeal to learn, she conducts podcast interviews with industry leaders in the IT space.