Cybercrime in the Cloud, w/Greg Foss – Principal Cloud Security Researcher, Lacework Labs

This podcast on Cybercrime in the cloud with Greg Foss,Principal Cloud Security Researcher at Lacework Labs talks about how are cybercriminals are profiting from compromised cloud resources,how is it changing the landscape regarding cybercrime and more…

We will discuss —
🎙 How the cloud is changing the landscape regarding cybercrime
🎙 Different types of attacks in cloud
🎙 Crypto mining in the cloud
🎙 How are cybercriminals profiting from compromised cloud resources
🎙 and a message from Greg to organizations who want to defend themselves against cybercrimes


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Greg Foss

Principal Cloud Security Researcher,Lacework Labs

Greg Foss is a Principal Cloud Security Researcher with Lacework Labs, where he focuses on large-scale data science and threat research intending to help secure customer's cloud environments. Foss has led a threat research team, built and ran a global security operations program, consulted in red teaming, and worked as a security analyst for the Federal Government in previous roles. He is a seasoned public speaker, having been interviewed across media outlets, delivering presentations at conferences globally, and has had his research published in various news outlets. In his free time, Foss spends time with his wife and two children and is an avid triathlete.


Jeanie Jessica Basumatary

Sales and Marketing Executive

Jeanie Jessica is a Sales and Marketing Executive at Sennovate. Jeanie contributes to sales,communications, Outreach, and is a podcast and webinar host at Sennovate.