Oracle Access Manager (SSO) Customers – Are You Stuck With Oracle Vision And Roadmap?

Oracle Access Manager (SSO) Customers – Are you stuck with Oracle Vision and Roadmap?

Literally about hundred million of data has been stolen and exposed in the year 2018. Top Companies like Facebook, Under Armour, Exactis, Aadhar and many more has fallen prey to the hacking attacks. For any business data breach is obviously a disaster. Even in the latest Google survey it is found that 52% of the people reuse the same password for multiple accounts.
Companies need to adopt a comprehensive IT security programs like Access Management (AM) to prevent data threats by providing the right access to the right user. The main objective of access management is to provide the users the right to a service by identifying, tracking and granting the right access.

IAM Execution outlook

Oracle Access Management (OAM) is a security application that made our job easier. Many companies rely in OAM to bring security, administrative control, user self-service, delegated administration and increased visibility to portals, extranets and intranets deployed on multiple vendor products and platforms.

OAM  provides user a secure, fine grained access to the resources which mainly deals with access management for application, data and web services. OAM helps with innovative new services that complement traditional access management like Web Access Management – provides an secure intranet services and a robust network, a strong MFA or two factor authentication which verify the user’s identity and discovers fraud detection , federated single-sign on (SSO) that helps an user login to multiple applications using one set of login credentials, risk analysis, and fine-grained authorization.

Oracle Roadmap

Choosing OAM, a seamless single sign on to any application from anywhere on any device can be applied with enhanced user productivity and experience. Oracle Access Manager helps business ensures smooth application integration and enables regulatory compliance which prevents data breach.