How To Get An Accurate Okta Quote

How to Get an Accurate Okta Quote

Okta cybersecurity solutions are great for enterprise and businesses of all sizes. With modular pricing, what price can you expect to pay? We implement Okta security solutions for clients every day. Here are some insights on how to generate an accurate Okta quote. Read more.


What is Okta?

Okta is a cybersecurity solution provider for businesses and global enterprises. From email security to cloud database monitoring, Okta offers a modular array of security solutions. We tend to implement Okta Workforce and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication solutions, most frequently. We also see a recent trend in more clients requesting Okta’s biometric authentication solution (fingerprint sign-on.)


What are Okta’s most popular features and services?

Okta’s most popular security service is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), an online security solution that uses multiple pieces of information to allow the right people to access information and accounts, while making it very difficult for hackers and criminals to access accounts. For more information, read our article about Okta Multi-Factor Authentication.


What is typical Okta pricing?

Okta MFA costs most of our companies about $1500/month, although it can range widely. For example, we implemented Okta for a Bay Area biotech startup. They pay Okta’s per user fees ($6/user), plus an annual MFA cost ($8000), plus API Access Management ($8000). In total, it’s about $16,500/year, or $1375/month.

On a larger scale, we implemented Okta for an enterprise IT department, and their Okta costs are about $6,000/month.

These numbers may sound large or small, depending on the size of your business. In general, small businesses can expect to spend around $1500/month, and an enterprise can expect to spend $5,000/month or more.


How does Okta offer pricing?

Okta pricing is modular. Your business will pay per user, in addition to annual service fees and add-ons. For example, for Okta’s Multi-Factor Authentication solution, your business may pay $8,000 annually, plus $3-6/month per employee.


How do I estimate my Okta quote?

To accurately estimate your Okta quote, begin by determining your baseline security needs. Are you a startup looking to providing secure email and database access for employees using multiple devices? Or are you an enterprise requiring a Security Operations Center with a dedicated Privileged Access Management solution?

Here’s how we would approach an Okta quote estimate for a Bay Area biotech company with 200 employees:

Assuming that the company would like to go with Okta minimum level security with MFA would cost around $12/user/month. If they want to have advanced security and MFA along with Directory and lifecycle management would cost around $19/user/month. This varies based on the add-ons purchased from Okta. If they would like to go with MSSP vendor to provide the Okta services 24×7 support will cost around $3000 – $7000/month approximately based on SLA. 


Do I need an Okta consultant near me to implement Okta?

Maybe. The most important factor is experience and effective workflow, whether in-person, on-site, virtual, or off-site. That said, we think working with an Okta consultant near you is an advantage. This will allow your Okta consultant to better communicate with existing IT teams, and better understand your current information architecture. A non-local Okta consultant becomes a good option if they follow security best practices, and have an established virtual workflow. Why? Location is less significant when virtual workforce tools are effectively adopted by consultant and client, whether a small business or global enterprise. Plus, on-site Okta consultants can become costly. The bottom line, if your business is in San Francisco or the Bay Area, look for an Okta consultant near you in the Bay Area. If you can’t find a consultant you like nearby, then find a consultant who offers an excellent virtual communication process, clear workflow, and custom managed security solution for your business. 

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