Maximizing your Cyber Security Defense with a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Maximizing your Cyber Security Defense with a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Cyber attacks are increasing on a daily basis. Because of this, cyber security has started focusing more on Security Operations Center (SOC) tools and activities. SOC is a part of much broader scope of cyber defense while it is not possible to deny the importance of the SOC to a company’s security strategy. The effectiveness of people, processes and capabilities used to defend environments from the cyber attacks is affected negatively when Cyber Defense which encompasses the SOC is not properly prioritized.

SOCs are becoming more important day-by-day as cyber threats grow. It is becoming more and more complex to search for highly trained security analysts with a shortage of qualified staff. On the other hand, attackers are growing ever more sophisticated. Because of this, to improve the performance of their SOCs, organizations have to turn on automation. To prevent compromise, reduce attack impact, as well as enable organizations to continue to operate in the face of threats, Robust Cyber Defenses are needed.

You must be wondering what is SOC? How will it maximize your cyber security defense? How will it manage risks? Ugh! Too many questions. No worries. This blog has the answer to all your questions as this is all about how SOC maximize your cyber security defense. So, be with us and find the answer to all your questions.

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What is SOC?

A team of IT security professionals that safeguard enterprises by continuously monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and investigating cyber threats is called a security operations center, or SOC. Networks, servers, computers, endpoint devices, operating systems, applications, and databases are continuously examined for signs of a cyber security incident. The SOC team analyzes feeds, establishes rules, identifies exceptions, enhances responses, and keeps a lookout for new vulnerabilities.

In the modern enterprise technology systems run 24/7, to ensure a rapid response to any emerging threats, SOCs usually function around the clock in shifts.

SOC for Cyber Security Risk Management Program

The policies, processes, and controls that keep data and systems safe from harmful incidents is a risk management program. The threats that affect your ability to detect, mitigate, respond, as well as recover from incidents are included in this. It even includes threats that can affect your cyber security objectives.

The main purpose of cyber security is to target risks that could impact your organization’s business goals. Business objectives, the operational environment, mission, industry type, and more are the factors on which it is dependent.

Below mentioned are the three categories in which objectives could fall:

Operational objectives

It includes the effectiveness and efficiency of operations such as revenue goals and securing assets from loss.

Reporting objectives

It includes the internal as well as external finance-related or non-finance-related reports. Reliability, timeliness, transparency, and more are included in this.

Compliance objectives

It includes the legal and regulatory requirements. And it is mandatory to comply.

The factors such as specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound must be there in the objectives.

Why do you need SOC for Cyber Security?

It is necessary that your security will fulfill regulatory requirements, justify your security budget and provide you and your users greater freedom of work. Below three are the SOC’s holistic approach that should be take care of:

Your regulatory responsibilities – It takes into consideration the prevention, auditing, and repairing of any data breaches affecting your users and clients. Your organization has a proven and reliable solution that fulfills all three requirements should you ever need to report to the ICO.

Consolidating your security budget – You have to deal with fewer vendors and at fewer costs to manage with the holistic approach of a SOC solution. The security costs of your organization are much more predictable and reasonable by preventing the risk of GDPR fines or ransomware demands.

Greater business bandwidth – For all businesses, it is a key concern to cite cybersecurity, yet few have the skills or resources to deliver their solutions. There is no need to manage, monitor, or mentor a security department as a SOC provides outsourced protection by industry specialists.

The Cyber Defense Center

Even in the SOC along with tools for detecting the attacks and penetrations, there is still a need for IT experts but still more important are cyber threat and intelligence analysts as well as security experts. There should be a clear deliberation of duties in a Cyber Defence Center (CDC). Apart from this, at the same time an effective team interaction, between the known “Blue Team” (cyber security and cyber defense experts) and “Red Team” (cyber threat analysts and penetration testers). Because of this, all threads converge into the detection, analysis and contention of cyber-attacks.

Cyber defense is a demanding job. Organizations may find it increasingly difficult to procure competent staff in the IT sector due to the lack of specialized workforce. Cyber defense centers work around the clock as cyber attacks can happen around the clock which means yet more specialized staff are required. In the field of breach detection, self-learning systems and artificial intelligence solutions are not enough to offer support to security analysts. Such systems must be developed anyway, because they can be expected to bring improvements that will make a CDC more efficient; but a full automation shall never happen. In the future we should still expect to see the need of security experts; this increases the demand for well-trained, external specialists, who can offer their professional skills in the form of a “SOC as a Service”.

Wrapping Up

3 Important things you need to keep in mind.

Cyber attackers always plan ahead of your security controls.

1.) Make it harder for the attacker to hack instead of giving everything easily to him by using control measures in the network.
2.) Restrict yourself from enabling legitimate vulnerable applications if not in use as cyber attackers always use legit applications in the network.
3.) Restrict yourself from thinking that attackers create only a single piece of code, they always rely on attack stages with more commands and functionalities which are called cyber kill chains.

So, on the basis of your environment, you have to build the defense mechanisms:

1.) Defending against the malware delivery – Entering your organization network
2.) If malware is delivered successfully, how are you going to defend its lateral movement and persistence? – Moving inside your organization network.
3.) If the attacker accomplished all his activities, his final stage will be exfiltrated or breach – Leaving your organization Network.

Sennovate SOC goes beyond Extended detection and response (XDR) with AI-based incident analysis augmented by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence and extended threat visibility, both inside and outside your organization. It enables faster as well as more in-depth investigations by providing easy access to exclusive threat intelligence and hunting tools.

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