Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access Cloud – Based on Zero Trust Model

As technology landscape is changing fast, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine language (ML), is gaining momentum. IT security vendors are keeping in pace with these trends. A key IT security vendor – Idaptive launched NextGen access (NGA) cloud in line with the AI and ML technologies.

A study by Statista projects that businesses will spend $190 billion on digital transformation in 2019 and swell to $ 490 billion by 2025 – this indicates the way industry is taking the ‘digital transformation highway’. This means more digital identities expanding beyond the security perimeter of an organization – calls for a more comprehensive security approach.
Steps in the next gen access (NGA) better insight, better situational awareness of who is doing what in a network and push those policies that needs to be in place for data access – all these form components of a zero-trust approach model.

The Idaptive Next-Gen Access Cloud platform is built on a zero-trust approach featured with integrated capabilities such as:

  • single sign-on,
  • adaptive multifactor authentication,
  • user behaviour analytics (UBA)

These features will enable companies with solutions that is able to check the identities of the user, devices and services.

Idaptive NGA has to offer, listed below is key takeaways in the next-gen access cloud platform is:

  •  Converts raw access data into actionable intelligence by constantly learning from millions of daily logins and access attempts
  • Scores user access risk across Idaptive’s global dataset to help prevent breaches
  • Automatically creates individual user profiles based on login context and risk
  • Reduces burden thereon by eliminating the necessity to manually outline and manage advanced rules and policies
  • Increases security at scale and minimizing the threat through continuous learning
  • Accommodates for the almost infinite diversity of applications, services and data located on-premises, on devices, and in the cloud

Idaptive is a leading IT security solution vendor and is a top Identity Access Management (IAM) solution provider. Sennovate is associated with Idaptive as partner for IAM solutions. Sennovate closely works with Idaptive and helps customers to deploy suitable IAM solutions as per requirements.