How to avoid sending blank report to your customers in SAP-BO?

Published: 14 March 2019

Clearly no one wants to open a blank report. It’s a bit irksome to open a report and see no data. But sometimes scheduled reports may send a blank report with no data to your customer. So why generate a blank report?

I use WebI to generate basic to complex reports. Web Intelligence (WebI) is part of SAP Business Objects product suite and is used for analytical and ad hoc reporting to meet an organization’s business requirements.

When there is no data for the defined conditions, by default WebI generates the report, a blank report with just headings, and sends it to the emails configured.

To avoid this, SAP BO has a feature to define delivery rules to stop generating/sending blank report to customers. But this feature is available only from SAP BO 4.2 SP where rule can be set to not send the publication if scheduled content has no data.


In older versions, this rule is not possible as this feature is not available as shown in the below figure.


But it can be achieved in the following way.

First, A separate SQL query “SELECT case when count (*) > certain amount then (1/0) end” must be written. Where if the count of objects returns no data, then (1/0) cause an error. If there is no data in the query, then the reports will fail depending on the value.

Create an event in Central Management Console (CMC) for the scheduled report and select the event type Success. While publication select the event created for the WebI report.

And that’s how we get rid of the scheduled report when the report is empty.

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