How IAM Solutions Help Avoid Data Breaches

How IAM Helps Avoid Data Breaches

Data breaches have skyrocketed in recent years so does the demand for security. The organizations must meet the growing demands of a diverse landscape of users while ensuring adequate cybersecurity in which IAM Solutions can help.

However, even the minute mismanagement of the user credentials may lead to unprecedented security threats. Whether it is passwords or email addresses, user information can become a complex issue suddenly to track without a proper control system.

With the huge amount of data to be stored, processed and transmitted, many circumstances that require modifications to access permissions arise routinely.

There is the requirement of a reliable and flexible access control solution to meet the demands across a wide variety of on-premise and cloud applications. This is where Identity and Access Management (IAM) play its key role.

Are you wondering what IAM is and how it will help you to avoid data breaches? This blog will answer all your questions. So, be with us to know how to avoid data breaches with the IAM solution.

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What is IAM?

Identity and Access Management is the important part of the entire IT security that manages digital identities and user access to systems, resources, and data across the company. IAM is the security management system. Being a security management tool it lowers the identity-related access risks within a business.

Nowadays, for both on-premises and cloud implementation leading IAM solutions are available.

To diminish risks, upgrade compliance, and improve efficiency across the enterprise, you need to choose the best IAM security partner for your organization. Click here to know more about what IAM is and how to get started with IAM.

IAM – Your Organization’s Defender

According to us, culprits who breach data are not ‘hacking ninjas,’ and that is totally correct. Also, they don’t have to be because there is so much low-hanging fruit for them to go after. There are some organizations who poorly manage their password schemes or worse systems that only rely on a single password for access.

You must move quickly to IAM to secure the critical data of your organization on your network. There are many IAM solutions that simply provide single sign-on (SSO) for internal users, but only few of the IAM platforms are able to manage, automate, and govern the complex network of external identities for people, devices and systems that require access to your applications and resources. It is so much more than SSO. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) that is much more important than a single password which is inadequate. IAM solutions have a much wider feature set that will prevent the wide majority of data breach attempts that happen today.

So, your organization must have an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to protect your data.

How IAM Helps Avoid Data Breaches

Reduces Password Issues

IAM solutions are best to prevent issues related to the passwords for e.g. managing passwords in Excel or on sticky notes as well as forgetting users login details apart from allowing easier sign-in processes.

Various password management features like frequent password updates as well as strong authentication measures covering MFA, biometrics, or role-based access that help security admins implement password best practices come with the IAM tools.

Enhanced Security

IAM solutions assist organizations in implementing proper security policies over all the systems, platforms, applications, and devices. To prevent the critical data of the organizations, it is necessary to have proper security policies. The reason for this is to make the process of identifying security violations, removing inappropriate access privileges and revoking access whenever needed a lot easier.

IAM solutions make sure that the employees can access the systems depending on their determined role and cannot escalate privileges without approval or a role change. Thus, identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions help organizations in avoiding the potential insider data breaches.

Use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

IAM Solutions available in the market use the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for the strong data protection policy. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) using SMS, token, smart card or through any source added validation for system access and serves as a bridge between your data and attackers. For the modern enterprise, the application of transparent multi factor authentication for critical applications and privileged identities is critical to prevent the important data as well as to avoid data breaches.
Guard Against Brute Force Attacks

Hackers use automated programs to hack the data of the organizations. These brute force attacks take place by typing tons of combinations of characters until hackers fortune into someone’s password. This is where IAM solutions play its role. It guard your organization against brute force attacks by Implementing a policy. This policy automatically suspends or disables accounts after repeated login attempts may help to eliminate the risk from brute force attacks.

Protect Against Unauthorized Bypass

A hacker could easily predict patterns and manipulate URLs to bypass the web app’s authentication screen and gain unauthorized access to the company’s databases. The company could have improved the security of its authentication mechanism by testing for common vulnerabilities. IAM Solution helps in preventing the unauthorized bypass to organizations data. In modern enterprises, the easiest way for hackers is to manipulate the URLs of their web pages. IAM solutions helps you with this and avoid the data breaches in your organization.

Automate User Provisioning, Deprovisioning, and Attestation

As said Locking the front door doesn’t offer much protection if the back door is left open. This means you should automate your provisioning and deprovisioning process. IAM Solutions automate the alerts and reporting to continuously monitor the access of the organizations to prevent unnecessary privileges. Eliminate the risk by automating the user account provisioning, deprovisioning and attestation and lifecycle management for all users, including contractors, partners, vendors, and customers with the IAM Solutions to avoid data breaches.

Making IAM accessible for all

Wrapping Up

Hope this blog helps you to understand how IAM solution helps you to avoid data breaches. With the increasing complexity of data breaches, the scope and scale of identity and access management will continue to witness steady growth. Companies should adopt IAM solutions that best suit their use cases and support better identity management for improved user access control that can effectively lower down the risk of external and internal data breaches.

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