Effects of Human Behavior on Cyber Security

Effects of Human Behavior on Cyber Security

“Only amateurs attack machines; professionals target people” (Schneier, 2000).  

 Flexible working and “bring your own device”  often tempts people to use work devices outside the office. Many times employees allow their family members and friends to access their work device without restrictions. It is important to be on a constant lookout when it comes to cyber security. Behavior-based cyber security is an approach where a user’s activities are monitored and when there is a deviation it will be identified and handled quickly.


Usually, security management has been signature-oriented; the security program monitors a data stream and compares code in files or packets to the code in an anti-virus vendor’s library of known threats whereas behavior-based programs compare the action of files to a list of suspicious or list of acceptable actions. In other words, organizations implement behavior-based safety programs to influence safer employee’s actions and prevent injuries and eliminate hazards. 


In general, signature-based tools are best at identifying and repelling known threats, while behavior-based are best for fighting zero-day threats that have not yet made it onto a list of known threat signatures. Behavior-based security software monitors deviation and has the intelligence to decide if an anomaly poses a threat or not. Most behavior-based security programs come with a standard set of policies for specifying which behaviors should be allowed and considered suspicious. Some programs allow administrators to customize policies. 


The majority of data security solutions give an option to end-users to decide or choose the data and files to protect and ones to omit. Whereas to avoid both internal and external threats all the data and files need to be secured and monitored. 


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