BeyondTrust vs Remediant - PAM Solutions | Decide For Yourself

BeyondTrust vs Remediant – PAM Solutions | Decide For Yourself

BeyondTrust and Remediant both are of the best and leading companies providing PAM solutions. The consistency of the cybersecurity strategies and technologies for implying control over the uplifted (“privileged”) access and permissions for users, accounts, processes, and systems across an IT environment is the Privileged access management (PAM). PAM assists enterprises to precipitate their enterprise’s attack surface, and prevent, or at least mitigate, the damage arising from external attacks as well as from insider nonfeasance or negligence by dialing in the accurate level of privileged access controls.

Well, you all know the use of Privileged Access Management (PAM). The main use of these solutions is that it acts as an Identity Provider (IdP) which means it creates, maintains, and manages the digital identities of the users along with their authentication factors. But what is the difference between BeyondTrust and Remediant? Which one should you choose? What are the features of BeyondTrust and Remediant? What is their pricing? Ugh! Too many questions. No worries, this blog is all about BeyondTrust vs Remediant. At the end of this blog, you will know everything from scratch about BeyondTrust and Remediant.

Let’s get started!

What Is BeyondTrust?

BeyondTrust is the leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) all over the globe. It renders the flawless and most lifelike approach to preventing data breaches concerned with stolen credentials, misused privileges, and compromised remote access.

It is one of the best servers that allow enterprises to easily scale privilege security as breaches evolve across endpoint, server, cloud, DevOps, and network device environments. BeyondTrust combines the industry’s wide range of privileged access proficiencies altogether. It includes centralized management, reporting, and analytics. It allows headmen to take major and better decisions to defeat attackers. BeyondTrust integrated platform is well-known and famous for its flexible design. It improves user productivity, simplifies integrations, as well as increases IT and security investments.

BeyondTrust provides enterprises with visibility and control. It helps them to bring down risk, gain compliance goals, and improve operational performance.

20,000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100 as well as a global partner network, are trusting BeyondTrust to prevent their organizations from data breaches.

Benefits Of BeyondTrust’s Solutions

With BeyondTrust’s solutions, you can:

  • Safeguard the passwords
  • Secure credential storage
  • Easy deployment process
  • Quickened time to value
  • Centralized reporting and management
  • Helps you analyze user behavior by storing, collecting, and assorting session recordings.
  • Helps you to prevent ransomware and malware attacks
  • Create custom behaviors, automate workflows as well as build integrations using PowerShell scripts along with tools such as ITS

Feature Of BeyondTrust

Privileged Access and Session Management

It diminishes the case of breaches and misuse via credential management capabilities.

Password Safe

To privileged accounts, It provides secure, monitor, control, record, and alert access via automated password as well as session management.

Automated Discovery

It scans, identifies, and profiles all applications and assets with accounts auto-onboarding.

App-to-App Password Management

It supervises various files, scripts, embedded keys, and codes to protect critical systems.

SSH Key Management

For better security, accountability, and control over Linux as well Unix systems it utilizes SSH keys.

Centralized Secret Management

It ushers all privileged credentials and secrets used by various tools and applications under a secure and centralized administration.

Automated Audit and Recordkeeping

It continuously monitors the users who access systems by creating an audit trail of secret operations.

What Is Remediant?

Remediant is the great PAM solution. It is agent-less, vault-less, and never shared which means it is a lower-cost security solution that is easier to implement, while still protecting access to servers and endpoints. Remediant specializes in identifying legitimate accounts that are acting as a threat as well as makes it very easy to remove or suspend the dangerous accounts.

With continuous scanning and agentless, faultless simplicity, unlike conventional privileged access management (PAM) systems it eliminates standing privileges. This will leave an exposed attack surface and is difficult to install by giving Just-Enough access, Just-in-Time. SecureONE guarantees that privileged access is accurately assigned and continually inventoried by giving privileged access on a Just-in-Time, Just-enough basis and utilizing two-factor authentication.

The main intention behind the advent of Remediant is addressing the cyberattacks issue with an identity-enabled response and serving as a force multiplier for security initiatives all around the world. It safeguards businesses from the misuse of stolen credentials to steal their data, which is the most common attack vector in all ecosystems.

Benefits Of Remediant

  • Delivers real-value on the first day
  • Straightforward installation and rollout process
  • Manage privileged operations
  • Integrate with authentication solutions
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO)

Features Of Remediant

Quick Admin Access Lockdown

Standing privileges eliminated from scathing endpoints at milliseconds per endpoint to halt lateral movement.

Dynamic and Agentless Discovery

It provides dynamic and agentless discovery of all admin access sprawl across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.

Protects Access

Even if accounts are compromised, attackers have no access.

One-Click Removal

It removes the undetected and unnecessary 24×7 Privileged accounts in just one click. With the help of this, it diminishes the attack surface.

Administer Just-in-Time (JIT) Privileged Access With MFA

This is the most important benefit of Remediant that enables Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) and implements Zero Trust security.

Industry’s First EDR Integration

For privileged session recordings, it provides the industry’s leading EDR integration. To proactively respond to privileged session-based nefarious incidents, you can leverage your investments in VMware Carbon Black and CrowdStrike Falcon.

Prevents Standing Privilege Exposure

It Protects access by removing standing privilege. For the approved amount of time admin privileges were granted just-in-time to the right endpoint and removed afterward.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

It provides Lower TCO inclusive of all users and capabilities. There is no penance for the users for more use or upgrades. One can enjoy low implementation cost as there is no agent or shared account deployment needed.

BeyondTrust vs Remediant: Which One To Choose?

Listed below are the needs and preferences to choose BeyondTrust or Remediant according to the company’s goals and requirements.

Choose Remediant if your company:

  • Fast-growing enterprise
  • 100 to 150+ employees
  • Cloud-based data centers
  • Using a few legacy systems

Choose BeyondTrust if your company:

  • Global enterprise
  • 51 to 10000+ employees
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and/or Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • 100% on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments
  • Highly concerned about protecting your organization from unwanted remote access, stolen credentials, & misused privileges

BeyondTrust vs Remediant Pricing

BeyondTrust Remote Support has only one plan and that is Cloud at $2097.00 for a year. The primary aim of Remediate is small to medium businesses, and its price is quite competitive. Clients have to incur around $22–25 per device with Remediate. We advise you to choose BeyondTrust or Remediant based on your organizations’ needs and requirements, not based on the price.

Do I require a BeyondTrust Or Remediant consultant near me?

Whether in-person, on-site, virtual, or off-site, the most important factor is experience and effective workflow. That said, working with a PAM consultant nearby your area is an advantage. This will help your consultant to better communicate with existing IT teams, and better understand your current information architecture. If the consultant follows security best practices and has an established virtual workflow then a non-local consultant becomes a good option. Why? Location is not much significant when virtual operational tools are effectively adopted by consultants and clients, regardless of a small business or a global enterprise. Plus, on-site specialists can become costly. Wrapping up, It is advisable to select a PAM consultant who offers an outstanding communication process, crystal clear workflow, and custom security solution for your organization.

Why Choose Sennovate’s Partner BeyondTrust or Remediant?

Sennovate is partners with both BeyondTrust and Remediant both implement and support all the suites and applications. For instance, Single Sign-On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Access Management, Identity Management APIs, Directory Integration, Fast Deployment, etc.

Have any doubts or want to have a call with us to know more about BeyondTrust or Remediant? Get in touch with us soon by clicking here, Sennovate’s Experts will explain everything on call in detail. You can also mail us at [email protected] or call us on (925) 918-6618.