Another victim falling prey to RANSOMWARE

Published: 21 October 2019

Pitney Bowes was hit by ransomware on October 14th which made the customers unable to use their services like print labels, mailing, track parcels and manage expenses. This US-based mailing company was infected by the malware called Ransomware which locked the system using encryption and played havoc with the customer services.

Currently, Pitney Bowes is working with their technical team and third-party consultants to restore the infected systems. The importance of security in an organization is talked about only when there is an attack. Before the cyberattack, there might have been no regular compliance, no proper security team, and definitely no IAM implementation. Though security in an organization is everyone’s responsibility, an organization must set the right regulations implemented to avoid cyberattacks. Below are some tips to prevent these disruptive ransomware attacks:

  • Patching and Regular updates on all systems and software
  • Update Antivirus software frequently and regularly scan your networks
  • Regularly back up the files in the organization
  • Do not click unfamiliar links and emails

Moving towards a secure world is quite an obvious approach when cyberattacks are growing rapidly. Securing digital assets in an organization is a vital part of any business. So, there must be a team of Security operation centre who implements IAM in their organization which provides the right access to the right user at the right time offering complete timely network analysis. With ransomware hitting major businesses and hackers lurking at every corner for the right time to attack, it is recommended that an organization understands the importance of Identity and access management and implement it to secure their network. It’s better safe than sorry!