Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Organizations looking for Solution to their IAM needs, or looking for consulting, installation, development, maintenance of any IAM products can leverage Sennovate's expertise on IAM.Sennovate provides IAM services through its flexible delivery and pricing model. read more...

Sennovate Security Governor (SSG)

SSG is developed to integrate with leading IAM products & applications and provide a unified view of the access control across applications.SSG helps customers to easily conduct attestation reviews, manage user's roles and obtain dynamic reporting in multiple formats of users, roles, groups  read more...

Oracle Centre of Excellence (coe)

Our Oracle CoE team engages in R&D activities on all Oracle products to provide related services.We engage in R&D to know each of Oracle products well in order to provide better solution, simplify its implementation, develop solutions around it and manage the entire gamut of the read more...

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Sennovate's Security Governor (SSG) is an Identity and access analytics tool.This tool can be seamlessly integrated with Active Directories (AD), Oracle Identity Manager, other IAM products and applications.

  • Robust Extraction of required data and Analytical capabilities
  • Wide range of reports to cater to all internal and external review needs
  • Dynamic Report design capabilities
  • Reporting in multiple formats



  • "Sennovate is a most professional firm. They do what they say – an important attribute in today’s economic climate."
    - President, Interline Creative Group, Inc.
  • “As a start-up, we needed to run through multiple prototypes fairly fast and thus were looking for a team that was agile and could keep up with the rapidly changing requirements. Sennovate understood our situation and provided us with terrific people with specialized skills.”
    - CEO, Sofnium
  • "Sennovate Security Governor is a great logical access governance tool with the capability to generate high value reports. We have been considering tools like Oracle Identity Analytics. They are extremely complex and expensive. We needed a cost-effective, open source based tool that we could easily implement and integrate with Active Directory, Peoplesoft, Change Auditor, CampusVue and Oracle Identity Manager. Sennovate delivered exactly that with the Security Governor. We now have a lot of visibility and control over logical access and authorization across all our education business units. Thanks to the Security Governor and the built-in attestation reviews, we are able to proactively ensure compliance before auditing."
    - VP – Information Risk Management, Career Education Corporation
  • “Sennovate is a trusted and reliable partner that we utilize for a wide range of development and systems administration tasks.  They’ve done a great job on things like performing the maintenance routines for some of our sites as well as jumping in to handle one-off projects.  Overall, Sennovate is a pleasure to work with.”
    - Vice President of Technology, Virtual, Inc.
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