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What is Workforce IAM?

The use of identity and access management tools to provide employees, contractors, vendors, and devices secure access to organizational resources. It’s meant to provide a higher degree of security for the organization. Workforce IAM also requires you to implement least privilege access, to ensure that employees are accessing only those resources that are needed to perform their job role.

Sennovate can implement the following capabilities for your workforce environment to ensure you have the highest level of security policies in place:

Single Sign-On – provide your employees with a single username/password to access all authorized organizational applications.  


Multifactor Authentication (MFA) – add additional layer of security using TOTP, HOTP, Authenticator app etc. 


User life cycle  management – allows you to manage the user identities and their evolving access to resources throughout their tenure.. 

Workflows – allows you to automate and control your IAM tasks like  authentication, provisioning, de-provisioning etc.


Role Based Access Control – set policies in place for user access based on their specific roles.  


User Management – allows account owners and admins to manage their users by adding, deleting, and assigning roles, features, permissions etc. and provide users the ability to access their accounts and manage their preferences.  

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