Integration Services

We integrate cloud, hybrid, on-premise, and legacy systems.

Integrating the latest apps easier and faster by configuring single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and centralize user management for cloud and on-prem applications. Integrating Single sign-on for Infra Service and enhance the user experience by providing MFA at the vault. Identity and access management practices to provide better experience preventing data breaches.

What is integration and resource allocation?

“As a customer, I want everything to work seamlessly.” At Sennovate, we have the experience to integrate leading products, and work with legacy systems to deliver a seamless security experience.

Managed Service Delivery Manager: A senior certified technical Project Manager acts as your Delivery Manager to oversee and manage all ongoing managed service initiatives.
Point of Contact: For each managed service client, a senior resource will be appointed as Point of Contact to act as the bridge between the client and managed service personnel.
IAM Specialists: Intermediate IAM Specialists handle the day-to-day managed services activities, including: Interaction with the client, support, troubleshooting, report, etc.
Integration Specialist: Primary responsibilities include integrating the required service providers and providing technical support to the application. An assigned Integration Specialist develops and maintains services used in application integrations.

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What are the benefits of expert integration?

Skilled Security Expertise
Reduced Security Costs
Reduce Risk of Data Breaches
Stages Proposal with Roadmap
 Enhanced User Experience
Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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