Integration Directory

Integrating the latest apps easier and faster by configuring single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and centralize user management for cloud and on-prem applications. Integrating Single sign on for Infra Service and enhance the user experience by providing MFA at the vault. Identity and access management practices to provide better experience preventing data breaches.

Popular integrations

Our integrations help companies

Skilled security expertise

Our team of IAM specialists will help in providing support to all the managed services and fast Integrations

Reduced security costs

Reduces the cost effectively with the our IAM services

Reduce risk of data breaches

Managing user, devices and security application through role-based access and reinforce best security practices

Easy proposal on stages with roadmap

Providing project goals and requirements including the timeline, milestones and deliverables

Enhance user experience

Improving the process by meeting every requirements and aspect of the customer

Ensure regulatory compliance

Validating the user access control and improving the efficiency of the compliance program

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Our team of specialist Identity Access Management Consultants can provide you with more information about how Sennovate can help you take control of your organisation’s data security. We provide IAM solutions to help forward-thinking companies discover the value of their data security and make smarter business decisions./p>

Resource Allocation

Managed Service Delivery Manager: A senior certified technical Project Manager acting as the Delivery Manager to oversee and manage all ongoing managed service initiatives.

Point of Contact: For each managed service client, a senior resource will be appointed as Point of Contact to act as the bridge between client and managed service personnel.

IAM Specialists: Intermediate IAM Specialists handle the day to day managed services activities, including: interaction with the client, support, troubleshooting, report, etc.

Integration Specialist: Primary responsibilities includes integrating the required service providers and providing technical support to the application. Integration Specialist, develop and maintain services used in application integrations.

Our Support IAM Service

The nature of business is that strategies and visions are often subject to change. Outside factors may lead to you having to update your priorities – as the landscape changes and develops, so must your business – and the same applies to your IAM solution.

Our IAM Configuration and Support Services Include:
Ongoing support – enabling you to be able to operate your systems long after delivery.

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