Customer IAM

"I need to manage my customer identities and control their access."

Modern Customer IAM Services for Modern Businesses

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What is Customer IAM?

Customer IAM allows organizations to securely capture and manage customer identities and control their access to applications and services. It is focused more on providing a balanced and secure access for end users, who are unknown.

Customer IAM Services

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide your employees with a single username/password to access all authorized organizational applications.  

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Add an additional layer of security using TOTP, HOTP, Authenticator app etc. 

Password-less Authentication

Allow your users to access applications with a seamless end user experience.  

Social Login

Allowing customers to use their social media credentials to access a service.  


Consumer Registration & On-Boarding

Set up policies on how consumers can register to gain access to services and provide guides on how to use those services.  

User Management

Allows account owners and admins to manage their users by adding, deleting, and assigning roles, features, permissions etc. and provide users the ability to access their accounts and manage their preferences. 

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