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Address Issues With Agility & Best Performance

Sennovate Application Performance Management Solutions help you manage and monitor applications while providing you a better day-to-day experience. Our APM solutions are built with accuracy and agility to deliver the best application mapping, code-level diagnostics, and dynamic baselining. The Sennovate APM tool is automated to explore each application service and infrastructure dependency. It’s a single source of truth focused on end-to-end performance.

What do Sennovate APM Services include?

"As a customer, I want a dedicated security solution that delivers a VIP experience." APM solutions take the stress and effort out of managing application performance. At Sennovate, we do the following:

  • Define applications identity applications with issues and quickly troubleshoot
  • Fast root cause identification with cause analysis
  • Dynamic behavioral learning enables event handling with intelligent notifications
  • Identify application and infrastructure and troubleshoot affected components in application stack
  • Build synthetics to track down to a specific issue
  • Build APM with security insights to ensure early detection of performance issues and security threats

Application Performance Management Benefits

Real time monitoring

Proactively see, manage, and respond to security threats.

View Application Performance

Identify opportunities for application and client experience improvement.

Expert recommendations to manage your network better

Receive specialized insights to enhance your network performance and ROI.

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