Helping one of the largest restaurant suppliers in the USA create a seamless user experience in a highly fragmented IT environment using single sign-on (SSO)

About the Company

The client highlighted here is one of the largest restaurant suppliers in the USA, providing food service equipment, supplies, and design solutions to customers nationwide. For privacy reasons, we will refer to them as “RestSC“.

Industry: Equipment and Supplies
Location(s): USA
Revenue: $1 billion+

Single sign on - fragmented IT systems - Sennovate

The Challenge

RestSC” was experiencing tremendous growth, with annual revenue exceeding $1 billion. The company had recently acquired a number of its competitors, leaving it with 14 Divisions, 51 Offices, 41 Distribution Centers, and 10+ ERP environments. To achieve its ambitious growth goals, RestSC needed all of these fragmented information systems to be integrated and work in unison. Also, it wanted to avoid the security vulnerabilities that come with employees juggling multiple sets of credentials. Adding to the complexity, RestSC had a hybrid cloud environment with both on-premises and cloud applications.

Sennovate's Solution

We designed a single sign on solution that would integrate RestSC’s critical applications and deliver a seamless user experience for employees. Because RestSC was using Oracle’s JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, and CPQ Cloud, we chose Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for the integration. The solution was fully implemented within just 3 months and, with its 14 divisions now operating as one well-oiled machine, RestSC was positioned to continue on its trajectory of explosive growth.

Customer Testimonial

“… with their knowledge and skill of Oracle Access Manager and Active Directory, Sennovate was able to design, build, and deliver a seamless user experience which made 4 separate Oracle Products seem like one solution via Single Sign On (SSO)! They were able to be deal with the challenges and work through the intricacies of systems that were both purely cloud as well as hosted on-premises to deliver a final product.”

— Corporate IT Director

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