Security Analytics is one of the common features for businesses to add on, in order to improve security infrastructure

In today’s fast-moving, technology industry; security analytics is used to protect the information of the individuals we work with and others we conduct business with. Security analytics is extremely important and prevents loss or stolen data. The purpose of security analytics is to detect signs of threats as quickly as possible and take action immediately. Analysis of security threats are becoming increasingly popular in enterprises today.

Analysis of Security Threats

Installing a security analytics tool can help detect a threat, analyze it, and use data to prevent similar attacks in the future. Sennovate will use and collect data in different ways to ensure the accuracy of each threat is analyzed properly.

What is Sennovate Doing to Improve Security Analytics?

Sennovate is responding to the growing sophistication and the number of information security threats. Deploying tools that analyze logs, correlate events, and generate alerts. This also improves the capabilities of your current infrastructure. Sennovate will also deploy security tools that collect, filter, integrate, and link diverse types of security information. Our security analytics tools are meant to compliment your current security controls and applications. Sennovate provides security analysis solutions through partnerships with Sailpoint, Okta, Gigya, Thycotic, NetIQ, and Oracle. Our credible and reputable partners assist us and our clients with their security issues. Pair your security analytics with our Single Sign On Services (SSO).

Monitoring & Threat Detection

New software can sit idle for months before implementation, but we get you and up running quickly at minimal cost by leveraging our deep understanding of project management, business requirements, and the technology.

Collection of Data to Help With Security

Identity governance implementations can get quite complex. We simplify the process and ensure optimal integration with your purchased and home grown applications, building custom API integrations as needed.

Security With You In Mind

Sennovate is on the cutting edge of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technologies to help you get the most out of your Identity Governance and other Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

Give us a call today to discuss the best security analysis options for your business. Our team is here to help!

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