Every organization has a set of privileged accounts that grant elevated access (aka “superuser access”) to network resources for administrative and maintenance purposes. These privileged accounts are often referred to as the “keys to the kingdom”. If you don’t properly secure and monitor the keys to your kingdom, then cyber attackers can get unlimited access to all your information systems. That’s where Privileged Access Management (PAM) — also known as privileged account management — comes in.

Privileged Access Management Key Features

Access Control

Temporarily provide and revoke superuser access for specific applications. Set access conditions based on time, location, etc.

Session Monitoring

Record privileged access sessions so that you can monitor privileged account use and establish a strong audit trail.

Password Security

Implement a secure password vault and automatic password rotation so that accounts are never exposed to unnecessary risk.

Automated Threat Discovery

Identify orphaned accounts and problematic behavior before they escalate to more serious abuse and misuse.

Privileged access management (PAM) products leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics techniques to automate these processes, so that you get security and peace of mind.

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