Security Operations Center

Detect Early, Prevent Attacks and Maintain a Healthy IT Security Posture with our SOC Solutions

Sennovate SOC

Detect Early, Prevent Attacks and Maintain a Healthy IT Security Posture with Our SOC Solutions

Sennovate Security Operations Center is the ideal solution for enterprises to beat the evolving cybersecurity challenges. Our solution is driven to provide security expertise, advanced data analysis, threat intelligence, agility, efficiency, and automation, tailored for providing enterprise security. Enterprises now can swiftly see the threat and respond in real-time at minimal costs with minimal disruption. Sennovate has proven experience in managing SOC for customers across various industry domains.

Benefits of our SOC Solution

"As a customer, I’m looking for an enterprise-grade Open XDR solution which provides essential capabilities of SOC solutions," At Sennovate, we deliver premium security through our Open XDR platform. We deliver it all:

  • An Open XDR platform that combines capabilities of  SOC tools into one platform with integrations to your existing stack
  • Real-time monitoring, and advanced data analysis
  • 24/7 Monitoring by the Sennovate SOC Team
  • Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection System(IDS)
  • Global Threat Intelligence reports by Sennovate SOC Analysts
  • Swiftly respond to threats, and protect your organization’s assets and brand reputation
  • Fully compliant, and the SOC provides audit reports immediately, upon request

Sennovate SOC Solutions include

Sennovate Open XDR Platform

Sennovate Open XDR Platform provides Detection and Response capabilities along with:

  • Cloud-hosted platform​
  • ML Intrusion Detection System (IDS)​ ​
  • Virus and Phishing Detection​
  • Lateral Movement Detection​
  • User behavior analytics (UBA) and Risk Scoring​
  • Asset Analytics and Risk Scoring​
  • Automated threat hunting​
  • Windows / Linux Server agents for File Integrity Monitoring​
  • Threat Intelligence Service​
  • Continuous security monitoring​
  • Customized Automated alerting​
  • 90 Days log retention options​ with 1 year Cold Storage
  • Zero-Day file sandboxing​
  • Executive Dashboard​
  • Standard & Advanced Reporting​

Sennovate Open XDR Watcher

Sennovate Open XDR platform along with :

  • Investigation of threats by Sennovate SOC Analysts
  • Periodic Personalized Recommendations
  • Monthly reports on state of Security Operations
  • Global Threat Intelligence reports by Sennovate SOC Analysts
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Sennovate SOC team

Sennovate Open XDR Responder

Sennovate Open XDR Platform + Watcher along with:

  • Investigation,Triage and Remediation of alerts by Sennovate SOC Analysts
  • End to End management of all security Operations
  • Escalation procedures to resolve threats
  • 24/7 Availability of Sennovate SOC Analysts

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