Watch over Brute Force Attacks with Sennovate Open XDR Platform

Sennovate SOC and Open XDR platform enable next-gen SOC for organizations with out-of-the-box implementation and support to your existing security infrastructure with a wide range of professional services.

This case study covers a common attack type used by hackers to breach access to organization resources in order to find confidential information. With this case study, we aim to help organizations stay ahead of the curve and simulate how a brute force attack occurs to detect and respond to secure your organization’s infrastructure with the help of an Open XDR platform.


This case study covers the following:

✅ What is a brute force attack?

✅ What does an attacker do to perform Brute Force Attack?

✅ How events will unfold in an organization using the Sennovate Open XDR Platform

✅ How your organization can go about solving the issue with Sennovate Open XDR Platform