Cloudentix Identity Management and Access Management

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With today’s user environment, the modern enterprise needs a modern tool to manage access. Administrators and managers should be able to manage access to critical systems in a way that prevents users from accumulating rights and privileges beyond their needs, preventing severe and costly data breaches. A user should be an asset, not a liability. Fine-grained access control, that creates a safe user environment for all those involved does exactly that.

Cloudentix is the comprehensive Identity Governance solution for the modern enterprise. It allows for extensive functionality while maintaining compliance with SOX and HIPAA, making auditing not only simple but painless.

Identity Management (IdM) Solutions

  • User Account Provisioning: Automated/interactive creation, maintenance, and deactivation of users
  • Access Request and Approval: Enterprise friendly approval and access workflow
  • Policy Governance: Uses access and approval policy to determine system security, and changes that need to be made
  • Identity Intelligence: Real-time identity and threat analysis
  • Role Management: Manage authorization, roles, and access in your user environment
  • Entitlement Management: 360-degree view of user privileges throughout your enterprise
  • Access Certification: Periodic attestation of user privilege requests
  • Dynamic Reports: Easy to generate user and auditor friendly reports in prevailing or customized formats