Messages from our Leadership Team

Senthil Palaniappan - Founder & CEO
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Founder and CEO

Senthil Palaniappan

With the new reality of people working remotely, the business is not as usual anymore. It brings up two significant challenges. One is providing secured access to the right people by establishing their identity accurately. The second one is securing the business’ security infrastructure with the latest technology innovations by monitoring them in real-time to identify vulnerabilities and prevent any form of digital threats. Sennovate is highly committed to handling the above two challenges for our customers and secures their digital assets. We implement and manage your security portfolio while you focus on your business.

We earn our customers’ trust through our excellence, which results from hard work, commitment, passion, and dedication from our highly skilled employees built with unique Sennovate culture.

Trust us to keep your Digital environment Secure every day!

Sam Muthu - Co-Founder & CTO
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Co-Founder & CTO

Sam Muthu

I am so proud that our highly technical team shows passion for what we do every day and for us the work doesn’t feel like work. Our team members learn from each other and mentor each other every day while having so much fun creating awesome solutions for our customers.

Our mission is to “Make Complex things Simple” for our employees and our customers. We design and build solutions that are easy to use and resilient. We automate all the repeatable tasks that save time not only for our customers but also for our employees, because of this our employees always focus on solving new problems.