Is your Netflix account Secure?

Are you ready to binge watch this weekend? Since Netflix and popcorn make a perfect pair for a lazy weekend. How sure are you about its security? Recently, Netflix has been hacked and many accounts were affected. Internet security site like McAfee reports that cyber attackers have hacked quite a number of accounts and stole sensitive information like credit card details, Netflix user credentials and sell it for a certain amount. These types of Identity theft can happen to anyone, so Netflix recommended, all users to change the password to stream securely and protect their data. Once there is a data breach, people tend to be cautious about it. Netflix, used by millions of people all over the globe,made sure the users can stream safely and legally without worrying about Identity theft.

Still, are you Intrigued about how Netflix accounts get hacked? since people make it easier for these cyber attackers.

Phishing Attack – First and foremost concern is the most common cyber attack called Phishing. Generally, a phishing attack begins with a simple email along with a malicious link to the user. Attackers manipulate the users by making fraudulent websites similar to the actual website containing misspelling and using the subdomain. Tricking the user, hackers gain access to sensitive information like user credentials and bank account information.

Open Netflix Accounts – Netflix is one of the top media service providers in the world. Millions of people have an account to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. For instance, you are on a trip and you check-in a hotel ready to watch the next episode of your favorite show. Everything is good until you forgot to disconnect your account on your checkout. This is quite common, and hackers can easily compromise the account.

Accounts through Phone Service Provider – Another way of getting a Netflix account hacked is through the accounts created via a Phone service provider. It is unusual but still, customers tend to create accounts through phone service providers when their internet providers are the same. Third-party accounts can also be created easily from the subscription option available. Also, people tend to overlook the bill when having the same service provider for phone and internet.

In order to strengthen your account’s security, it is also necessary for users to take certain protective measures like using a unique password with a mixture of alphanumeric and special characters. Users must also be aware of malicious phishing attack and avoid clicking unwanted attacks. The last and obvious way to secure your account is not to share your login information. Having malware protection software will revitalize your account’s security to the next level. With more and more number breaches and cyber-attacks taking place, it is necessary for users to take charge since security is each and everyone’s responsibility.