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Gigya to Okta: Why You Should Migrate

Gigya was a customer identity and access management security solution best-suited for retail business and enterprise, because it offered customer analytics and insights. Gigya was acquired by SAP, and is now part of SAP Customer Data Cloud. If your business is...

The MSSP Guide to Idaptive SSO

Idaptive SSO is a great identity management solution that we recommend and implement every day. Idaptive does a great job with endpoint security and works particularly well with Active Directory. The primary alternative to Idaptive is Okta, which costs more because it...

What Is an Endpoint Solution?

Endpoint solutions are a security measure that goes beyond simple antivirus software to prevent and detect malware attacks. Endpoint solutions secure an endpoint, like an employee’s stolen cellphone, by monitoring systems, detecting a threat, and predictively...