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The MSSP Guide to AlienVault SOAR

AlienVault SOAR is an automated cybersecurity response product. To be clear, AlienVault is a fully SaaS-driven Security Automation Orchestration and Response (SOAR) solution. AlienVault offers a single event dashboard, the ability to see threads and take action, event...

The MSSP Guide to Centrify MFA

Centrify offers MFA at System Login, which ensures that “only authorized humans are accessing your critical infrastructure.” This is an MFA login that provides access to the Centrify privileged access management tool (PAM) called Centrify Zero Trust Privilege. If...

Why Choose Remediant vs CyberArk?

Remediant SecureONE and CyberArk Vault are both Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. Remediant SecureONE is “agent-less, vault-less, and never shared”, while CyberArk Vault takes a “risk-based approach to credential and session management.” What’s that mean?...