Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) tool is the first step in building the client relationship. Turning unknown users into valuable customers is crucial to Sennovate.

Customer Identity Management immensely helps companies to turn unknown visitors coming to their site and as a result, turning them into valuable customers. The best way to form a relationship with a client is to offer the best tools for them to utilize and continue to innovate and act in the best interest of the client. The customer identity management provides tools like user-friendly registrations, manage customer data, and improve cross-channel user experiences and relationships. Customer identity and access management (CIAM) has become crucial for brands looking for better understanding of their customers to create personalized experience and promote enduring customer relationships – all while protecting their privacy, securing their data and minimizing IT maintenance.

Sennovate partners with Gigya, the leader in Customer Identity Management, to deliver customer identity and access management solutions. We manage end-to-end implementation, integration, and managed services with Gigya. As a result, we work on delivering the following principles to ensure quality and efficiency for your business; connect, collect, and convert. Sennovate offers many services that pair well with our Customer Identity and Access Management Tools such as, Identity Governance and Administration.


Turn anonymous visitors into known customers with social and traditional registration tools that let you easily authenticate users and collect rich first-party data.


Consolidate social, behavioral, interest, transactional and all other data types into unified customer profiles while maintaining scalability, security and compliance.


Easily query and segment user records and integrate first-party data across marketing and service applications to create personalized experiences that convert.

We Partner with Gigya to provide the best Customer Identity and Access Management tools for your business. Below is the list of services we provide with the assistance from our partners.

Gigya product Implementation


Identity Plus

Identity Enterprise

Gigya Integrations

Standard Integration

Custom Integration

Managed Services (End-to-End)

Manage analytical platform functionalities

Manage Customization