Tracking and managing all the defined user roles across a multitude of business and enterprise applications can be a nightmare. Organizations spend a lot of IT hours creating, changing, deleting, checking, auditing, and recording user access accounts as well as doing a host of other user management activities. While these activities may seem redundant and unproductive, at Sennovate, we know that user administration activities are vital to operations and maintaining security of any industry.

To address this issue, we developed Sennovate Security Governor SaaS product which simplifies and automates the complete process which also improves user management while aiding compliance with common IT protocols and established best practices.

Simplified User Management for Security
Sennovate Security Governor (SSG) is a centralized auditing and reporting tool that will define, manage and track user roles across systems and softwares. It helps organizations to cut costs and save time while keeping defined user roles accurate and up to date and also improving security throughout the user life cycle. It also provides built-in reporting and risk management tools. Benefits of using our Security Governor include

  • Maintain a centralized user identity and access database with instant and complete visibility that can be optimized for analytical,governance and security needs.
  • Transparency and reporting on user accounts to improve compliance and risk management, with out-of-the box analytics, reports, dashboards and auditing functions that demonstrate compliance.
  • Very easy to change user roles or definitions across platforms and applications.

Manage User Roles across the Enterprise
In any industry, systematic approach in managing user access/roles to maintain security and compliance doesn’t have to be such a burden or a challenge anymore. With our distinct Security Governor it can be simple and easy.

Call or contact Sennovate to learn more about how Security Governor can benefit your organization by simplifying user access management. We will be happy to provide you with more details.