Identity Analytics & Reporting for Auditing and Compliance

Leading education industry needed to generate identity governance reports to manage operations across its various online and offline campuses.




United States






Publicly listed company required identity governance and compliance reports for its compliance purposes.


Leveraged through Sennovate’s IGA
product “Cloudentix”.


Seamless integration achieved through hybrid cloud.

Sennovate Security Governor is a great logical access governance tool with the capability to generate high value reports. We have been considering tools like Oracle Identity Analytics. They are extremely complex and expensive. We needed a cost-effective, open source based tool that we could easily implement and integrate with Active Directory, Peoplesoft, Change Auditor, CampusVue and Oracle Identity Manager. Sennovate delivered exactly that with the Security Governor. We now have a lot of visibility and control over logical access and authorization across all our education business units. Thanks to the Security Governor and the built-in attestation reviews, we are able to proactively ensure compliance before auditing.

VP – Information Risk Management
Leading Education Industry

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