The Oracle identity and access management SaaS suite offers important benefits, including streamlining administration, improved reporting and compliance tools, and better security for the serious IT risk of unauthorized access. However, properly implementing the right elements of the comprehensive Oracle suite of tools can challenge many organizations. Then keeping them current is highly demanding as well, with the needed back-ups, segregated testing, and long-winded update procedures. It might seem like a never ending activity, even with SaaS tools, but not keeping such a security critical element up-to-date is a compliance and risk management catastrophe.


A better option is to turn-key Oracle Access and Identity management to Sennovate. Implementing Oracle Identity and Access Management and keeping it current is a big step in getting a handle on Identity Governance. With Sennovate it is quickly and easily checked off the list. Sennovate has a proven process for Oracle implementation and upgrades. Sennovate will analyze an organization’s access needs, then put together the Oracle package to perfectly match requirements and provide the highest performance and value, plus meet compliance requirements. Next Sennovate will fully implement the Oracle suite; smoothly integrating Oracle into the infrastructure and setting up all the communication and reporting.

Sennovate will handle every step of service upgrades:

  • Review system requirements and certification
  • Identify needed consolidation of products
  • Review licensing requirements
  • Review added product features
  • Review customization needs
  • Prepare implementation plan
  • Develop comprehensive test cases to meet governance and compliance needs
  • Install upgrades and execute test scenarios
  • Rollout with minimal impact and downtime
  • Integrate dashboards and analytics

If maintaining Oracle identity and access management upgrades is a drain on your IT resources, let Sennovate be your Oracle partner.