Identity Federation is the cooperation between trusted business partners to share identity information. It can enable easy cooperation, better communication, and swift transactions within the “federation” while protecting IT resources with complete security and authentication protocols in place, plus comprehensive analytics tools. An Identity Federation solution should streamline account management and simplify integration though automation and implementing industry standards, while maintaining full compliance.

Sennovate helps organizations gain the benefits of an Identity Federation service with expert implementation and support of either of the two leading Identity Federation solutions: Oracle Identity Federation and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services.


Oracle is an industry leader in protecting IT resources with identity and access management, and Oracle Identity Federation service is now part of the Oracle Access Management platform. Seamlessly integrate trusted business partners across the enterprise including data, users, applications, and systems while confidently maintaining authentication and access protocols.

OIF simplifies Identity Federation for both administrators and users. OIF provides a single place and method for managing partner access, and seamlessly integrates Oracle Access Management and SAML implementations. Plus, users have the ease of single sign-on (SSO) capability. There are also a range of service options, including scaled-down simplified options like OpenSSO Fedlet.

Sennovate is an expert solution provider for implementing Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) as well as a complete, customized Oracle Access Management (OAM) package. Our comprehensive service can include:

  • OIF installation and configuration
  • OIF integration with OAM via IdM bridge
  • SaaS Reliability
  • Access Server SDK (Access Management APIs)
  • Repository Parameters
  • OAM configuration Parameters for OIF
  • Domains configuration

Implementing Core feature set Oracle Access Management Federation Service include:

  • Support for multiple federation protocols
  • Internet Level Scalability and Availability
  • Identity Provider
  • Identity Provider Proxy
  • Service Provider
  • Partner Profiles
  • Attribute Sharing
  • Identity Provider Discovery
  • Provisioning Plug-in Framework
  • Social Identity Registration
  • Compliance and Dashboard Analytics


The standards based AD FS based service permits secure sharing of identity and access information between trusted partners. Use the AD FS administration tool easily manage federation partners and to connect to range of web applications. Plus, it streamlines partner identity/access administration since external user management is done by the appropriate partners. Trust policies can easily be adjusted at the partner level, preventing errors and oversights.

AD FS can provide single sign-on to federation members outside the organization and integrates easily with other security measures and applications.

Sennovate has the expertise to implement AD FS to provide the most aligned value and maximize return on investment. Sennovate will handle:

  • Installation, configuration and upgrade.
  • Implement AD FS standards based WS-Federation protocol and Security. Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
  • Connecting to federation-aware Web applications.
  • Web single sign on (SSO).
  • Group Policy control of AD FS deployment.
  • Developing Federation aware application and Behind the scenes workflow.

If your organization wants to implement Oracle Identity Federation or Active Directory Federation Services (or improve the existing implementation), Sennovate is great Identity Federation resource.