The Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a comprehensive set of business applications that empowers organizations to be more effective and efficient across the board – from the supply chain management to customer relationship management. EBS offers simplicity in a bare bones format so every business can utilize it without a big investment in implementation and configuration. However, this powerful business tool also offers superior functionality and sophisticated capabilities for those who can master the more complex advanced topology.

Getting the most functionality from Oracle EBS means a higher return on investment and better opportunities for improved performance across the business. Accessing and managing the advanced topology, however, may take in-depth expertise and experience that many organizations do not have.


Sennovate can help. Our years of experience in EBS advanced topology implementation and integration, as well as our access and identity, high availability, and disaster recovery solutions, ensures our customers successfully execute, manage, monitor and maintain any complex topology of Oracle E-Business implementation.

Get the most value from EBS with Sennovate services that include:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Load Balancer Configuration
  • Oracle E-Business Suite on RAC with Scan Listener
  • Oracle E-Business Suite External Mid-tier on a DMZ
  • Oracle E-Business Suite with Reverse Proxy using OHS/Web Cache
  • Oracle E-Business Integration with Third Party Tools and Software
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Administration
  • Host and Manage Oracle E-Business Suite Development/Test Environments On-demand on Amazon AWS Through Hybrid Cloud
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies for Oracle EBS
  • Oracle EBS and Oracle SOA Integration

If your organization wants help implementing EBS or needs assistance with existing EBS advantaged topology, Sennovate has the experience and expertise to manage the most challenging complexities.