Identity Governance is a policy and role based management of access control on systems and applications. Identity administration provides the functionality for the end user life cycle management. Governance and Identity Intelligence help organizations to identify the potential risks ahead of time and mitigate access risks and access policy violations. This is achieved by using intelligence driven and business-driven identity governance integrated with end-to-end user lifecycle management and other security products in the organization.

Sennovate has vast experience in Identity Governance and administration and integration with any standard, cloud and legacy applications. Sennovate works closely with your team and assists in choosing the right identity management and governance solutions that properly fit your organization based on business and technical requirements. Further, Sennovate will plan out and implement IGA, integrate critical applications and manage the entire application and security stack for its lifetime. Sennovate takes the responsibility and ownership in your organizations identity management, so that you can enjoy the freedom from risk and security threats.

Sennovate achieves this through its deep industry knowledge and experience but also through critical key partnerships with SailPoint, Oracle (Oracle Identity Governor), NetIQ and Cloudentix. These partners are the world leaders in the IGA space and Sennovate’s steadfast partnerships will help us to drive these solutions for our clients either on cloud or on premise in a very cost effective manner.

Our Solutions

  • Assessment and IGA road map
  • Implementation on Cloud, On-Premises or hybrid
  • Integration with all applications such as legacy, on-premises or cloud or hybrid
  • Managed Services
  • Auditing, Governance and compliance support

Value proposition

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Fast track implementation
  • Packaged services – Fixed deliverables; Fixed Price
  • Complex Integration made simple