SAML Expertise

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML standard that allows secured domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. Using SAML, an online service provider like SaaS can contact separately a cloud identity service provider or on premise identity service provider to authenticate users who are trying to access secure contents. SAML holds the dominant position in terms of industry acceptance for federated identity deployments. SAML is deployed in tens of thousands of cloud single sign-on (SSO) connections. As a SAML expertise Sennovate is committed in integrating cloud with single sign-on concept.

Sennovate Simplifies SAML integrations for SSO access management

Thought SAML is a simple XML based integrations, it gets complicated when multiple systems need to talk to each other with right access attribute. This involves installing SSL certificates properly in various systems. This involves extreme expertise in SSO technology, Identity provider configuration, and SAML, LDAP and service providers. Sennovate provides the right expertise to enable SAML based integration in a most efficient way on par with industry best practices through Sennovate Identity Center of Excellence (ICoE™). Sennovate Supports SAML integration with

Identity Providers

  • Oracle Identity Federation based SAML Integration
  • Citrix Netscalar as SAML SP and IDP configuration

Service Providers

  • Salesforce
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Workday
  • NetSuite
  • Any cloud application supporting SAML

Contact Sennovate Identity Center of Excellence (ICoE™) team if your organization can benefit from expert assistance in implementing either simple or complex SAML integrations across cloud, and web applications.