Security, Cost, Service: The Unholy Trinity of IT Problems

The end of 2013 brought with it a particularly trying and potentially damaging security breach for a healthcare service provider. For confidentiality reasons, we’ll refer to them as HD. Their systems were compromised and their customers’ data was out on the internet for everyone to see. The absence of application and server security resulted in highly sensitive information being cached on the web search.

Adding to the security issues was the below average service offered by their tech services company of choice at that time. HD struggled with lingering IT issues as they had trouble connecting with the vendor’s technical team.

Compounding this brand nightmare was the high cloud infrastructure costs. HD was bleeding money and was desperate to move to another cloud provider.

Sennovate’s Solution:

Our first goal was to remove the compromised data from the web. Working with a major web search engine, we created a web master account and removed all the cached links from the HD’s site. To prevent the data from caching in the future on search engines, we created a dynamic link to each and every file.

Our next goal was to secure the server and to restrict unauthorized access. To achieve this, we developed and implemented various security measures. We made sure that nobody would be able to access the data without the right credentials.

One of the reasons why HD had a hard time fixing the issues plaguing their applications and systems was the lack of technical support. HD needed an efficient team that was always available should a problem arise. So we assigned an expert team to monitor and implement monthly ongoing tasks, and to make sure that HD’s server and database were secure and available at all times.

Lastly, to ensure that their IT infrastructure costs stayed within their budget, we migrated their server to Amazon. Here, their costs were kept low while they retained the flexibility to commission or decommission additional resources based on their evolving needs.

The Results:

HD’s patient data is now secure and less vulnerable to potential threats in the future. Their server is up and running on Amazon without a hitch. With our help, HD has managed to cut down their cloud infrastructure costs by as much as 50%. With us managing their servers and applications, HD continues to focus on offering all its customers the best service possible.