Sennovate Inc. is a global IT services provider with a focus on Identity and access management and Infrastructure managed services. We specialize in designing, developing, and implementing customized enterprise solutions that help manage and solve complex business problems.

We are a team of dedicated professionals carrying over many years of experience between us. And although we all come from different backgrounds, we have one thing in common – a burning passion for Identity and Access management in IT security. Our profound experience in managing enterprise products either on premise or cloud helps us to integrate them with various enterprise security products efficiently. Also we build and manage end-to-end enterprise security integration both cloud and on premises though our managed services platform.

Our core philosophy is to delight our customers by providing them greater returns on their investments. It is this attitude and our unwavering focus on service innovation which allows us to consistently provide effective solutions that help businesses grow and thrive.

Sennovate’s management team consists of people who come from different backgrounds and with several years of diverse experience. Each one of them brings a unique and varied set of skills and capabilities to the team. And this is exactly what enables Sennovate to provide some of the most creative and effective solutions in cloud computing.



Senthil is the Founder & CEO of Sennovate Inc. Senthil has over 18 years of experience in database and infrastructure solutions, and has consulted with various Fortune 500 companies. In the past, Senthil served as a solutions architect and implemented several mission critical ERP systems and other enterprise applications. Prior to starting Sennovate, Senthil co-founded GTR Inc, an IT solutions company based in the U.S., and built its database and ERP solutions practice and offshore setup as the CTO. He also co-founded Parkit Markit LLC, a company that develops financial applications for smartphones.Senthil is passionate about EAaaS, and cloud for enterprise applications and infrastructure. On the weekends, when he’s not playing racquet ball or cricket, you’ll find him on the golf course perfecting his putting.



Rajkumar is the Director of Global Technology Delivery at Sennovate. He handles all project deliverables and multiple development and cloud services teams. Previously, Rajkumar worked as a Project Manager with GAVS, a global technology services and solutions company with a presence in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Middle East and Asia. Rajkumar has over 18 years of experience managing cloud, ERP, mobile, and database development & administration projects. He also has a deep understanding of cloud platforms, SaaS-based ERP software, enterprise solutions, and mobile application development.Rajkumar has a passion for financial management and always keeps an eye on the stock market. When he is not devouring the latest news about the economy, he’s probably watching a movie or playing with his son.



Doug’s sales leadership and management career spans organizations from five people to several thousand, generating revenue from $15M to over $200M, including leading organizations at two pre-IPOs, both with highly successful exits, and also at two large multi-billion dollar entities. He’s led global teams across sales, technical, business development and channels, spanning the entire IT stack and across ISVs and consultancies. Before joining Sennovate’s Advisory Board Doug spend the past 14 years with SRS2 Inc. a global systems integrator focused on Oracle application support services. In this role, Doug was responsible for all sales and channel activity and revenue generation globally, with a focus on the company’s IT outsourcing solutions, managed services and wide array of cloud services. Throughout his impressive 14 years in the Oracle Application and support industry, Doug has become known as a highly customer-focused executive with a passion for driving customer success.



Shan is the Director of Projects and Operations at Sennovate Inc., who supervises the global project deliveries and instrumental in building key solutions to client’s satisfaction. Shan has gained tremendous leadership capabilities and expertise in management and software product development over 25+ years in leading finance and telecom industry across Asia and USA. Shan plays a pivotal role in managing entire operations and client engagements for building better solutions. He loves spending his free time in reading good books or following wide range of sports.